Being a foreign student in Germany

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You would like to study in Germany?  With this information service for international students the German Studentenwerk would like to support you and accompany you on your way.
The German Studentenwerk is the umbrella organization of the 58 Studentenwerke in Germany. The Studentenwerke are partner organizations of the universities and support the approximately two million students with many offers around the study.
Questions about the preparation

Anyone planning to study in Germany has a lot to clarify: How can I finance myself? How good must my German be? Where do I have to apply?
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Just arrived

Just arrived? There is much to do! Sign in at home, enroll at the college - our information will help you get the most important steps done quickly!
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During the study

Do not miss the fun! In addition to studying, you should seek the exchange with other students - at the university there are a variety of opportunities.
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Finish studies

Congratulations to the conclusion! But what happens next? Find out about repatriation assistance and the opportunities to stay in Germany.
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Studentenwerke - strong partners!

No matter where you study in Germany - a student union is at your side. Your Studentenwerk advises you on financial, social and legal issues, offers affordable housing and good food for a tight budget. For foreign students many Studentenwerke also offer special offers.



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