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Asphalt pavement must be regular and periodic maintenance, we must carry out civil construction, production safety policy,Precision Spray Asphalt Distributor the development of technical security measures to strengthen safety education, strict implementation of safety rules to ensure safety in production.

Here are several methods of curing the initial asphalt pavement:

1, hot mix asphalt pavement initial conservation

Paving, hot compacted mix asphalt pavement, Concrete Groove Cutting Machine paving layer to be naturally cooled before transportation open mixed material surface temperature is below 50 ℃. Vertical and horizontal construction joints are the weak link in the asphalt pavement, should strengthen the early curing, ready to find a ruler with three meters of exposed slightly uneven, low scoop up high, the nap, the flat pad with a mix compaction.

2, penetration asphalt pavement initial conservation

After the completion of the road, when you open the traffic traveling in the vehicle speed 15Km / h or less, according to the surface of the molded case, and gradually increased to 20Km / h. Let someone directing traffic or set up a temporary road signs, according to both sides, after the intermediate control vehicle Easy track driving,Crack Resistant Tape to achieve a comprehensive compaction.

3, the surface of the asphalt pavement Treatment of early conservation

Layup method construction of asphalt pavement surface Treatment with the basic requirements of the initial conservation penetration pavement is basically the same. Early conservation and the basic requirements of hot mix asphalt mixing hair construction asphalt pavement surface Treatment is basically the same.

4, primary stability of emulsified asphalt pavement of the early conservation emulsified asphalt pavement poor road surface after compaction should be prepared early conservation, set up by professionals, according to the actual situation breaking, Crack Sealing Machine closed to traffic 2-6h, without breaking on the road, and banned all vehicles, by people, opening up traffic, it should control the speed of not more than 20Km / h, and can not brake and turn. When there is damage should be promptly repaired.

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The best thing about the asphalt pavement is, it has a strong, durable, reduction in noise pollution and comfort. The asphalt or blacktop driveway cost in Long Island is very much economical and it is faster to construct and maintain, and the contractors know how to get in and get out of construction zones. It also creates a smooth surface for driving and the roads allow superior contact with vehicle tires for a safer and enjoyable ride.



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