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zhangxiaosan Ocak 12

Influenced by the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster, wood building materials market price rise a small scale. Reporter yesterday in the west han found building materials market veranda composite decking dealers in Tanzania , wooden floor prices generally rose. A business for many years engaged in wood paying female boss said that price this parody,

gains per square 10 ~ 20 yuan. Reporters asked the wood floor manufacturer price reason, professionals, Mr Wang, now international timber market affected by the tsunami, prices rose by 3% ~ 3% 2x4 edging for playground , led to the increase in the price of the timber that imports from southeast Asia.

But according to wuhan city on the sales floor of wood of imported goods, mostly cypress wood and processed wood imported from Africa, the timber that imports from southeast Asia is only a tiny part of it type of composite dekcs material . His analysis of the existing timber market won't have too big fluctuations in price.

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