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Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Birthday 1927-11-17
Death 2021-02-12
Also Known As Lynn Arlen Stalmaster
Lyn Stalmaster


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From Wikipedia Lynn Arlen Stalmaster, born 1927 in Omaha, Nebraska, is an award winning American casting director. After serving in the U.S. Army Stalmaster got his first job in show business as an actor, appearing in the war movies The Steel Helmet (1951) and The Flying Leathernecks (1951). He also acted in the TV series Big Town but soon became involved in the casting department of the same show. Stalmaster established himself quickly as a solid casting director, finding steady work in both television and motion pictures. The name Lynn Stalmaster became well known especially to cinema-goers of the 1970s, when he was credited with casting more than 60 movies of the decade, among them; Fiddler on the Roof, Harold and Maude, The Cowboys, Deliverance, Rollerball, Silver Streak, Black Sunday, Coming Home, Convoy, The Rose, Superman and Being There. Stalmaster was also responsible for casting TV-shows like Combat!, Gunsmoke, The Untouchables as well as Academy Award winning movies In the Heat of the Night, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Right Stuff and Brian De Palma's 1987 motion picture version of The Untouchables.


2019Hal as Himself
2012Casting By as Self
2006You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman as Self
2001Taking Flight: The Development of 'Superman' as Himself
2001Making 'Superman': Filming the Legend as Himself
1951The Steel Helmet as Second Lieutenant

Other Roles

2006Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut - Casting
2006A Lobster Tale - Casting
2000Battlefield Earth - Casting
1996To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday - Casting
1996Crime of the Century - Casting
1996Carpool - Casting
1995Fluke - Casting
1994Squanto: A Warrior's Tale - Casting
1994Mavi Gök - Casting
1994There Goes My Baby - Casting
1994Clifford - Casting
1994Kesişme - Casting
1993The Program - Casting
1993Guilty as Sin - Casting
1992Double Jeopardy - Casting
1992Stay Tuned - Casting
1992Folks! - Casting
1991For the Boys - Casting
1991Frankie ve Johnny - Casting
1991The Doctor - Casting
1991Ninja Kaplumbağalar 2: Sızıntının Esrarı - Casting
1990Şenlik Ateşi - Casting
1990Havana - Casting
1990Taking Care of Business - Casting
1990Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase - Casting
1990Çılgınlar - Casting
1989Incident at Dark River - Casting
1989Welcome Home - Casting
1989Savaş Günahları - Casting
1989Çılgın Tatil - Casting
1989A Sinful Life - Casting
1989Bana Göz Kulak Ol - Casting
1989Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White - Casting
1989Winter People - Casting
1989La bottega dell'orefice - Casting
1989Dead Bang - Casting
1989Get Smart, Again! - Casting
1989Physical Evidence - Casting
1988Split Decisions - Casting
1988Lady in White - Casting
1988Switching Channels - Casting
1987Real Men - Casting
1987Uzay Topları - Casting
1987Outrageous Fortune - Casting
1987American Harvest - Casting
19868 Million Ways to Die - Casting
1985Santa Claus: The Movie - Casting
1985Love, Mary - Casting
1985Marie - Casting
1984The River - Casting
1984The Glitter Dome - Casting
1984Songwriter - Casting
1984Süper Kız - Casting
1984Harry & Son - Casting
1984The Parade - Casting Director
1984Unfaithfully Yours - Casting
1984The Lonely Guy - Casting
1983Olağanüstü Cesaret - Casting
1983Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess - Casting
1983Boşluktaki Kahramanlar - Casting
1983Sınıf - Casting
1983Love is Forever - Casting
1982Young Doctors in Love - Casting
1982Tootsie - Casting
1982Hanky Panky - Casting
1982Mae West - Casting
1982Some Kind of Hero - Casting
1981Absence of Malice - Casting
1981Looker - Casting
1981Dark Night of the Scarecrow - Casting
1981Second-Hand Hearts - Casting
1981Caveman - Casting
1981Crisis at Central High - Casting
1980Beni Deli Etme - Casting
1980Superman 2 - Casting
1980A Change of Seasons - Casting
1980Loving Couples - Casting
1980The Last Song - Casting
1980Foolin' Around - Casting
1980The Women's Room - Casting
1980The Mountain Men - Casting
1980The Black Marble - Casting
1979Orada Olmak - Casting
1979Gül - Casting
197910 - Casting
1979The Onion Field - Casting
1979North Dallas Forty - Casting
1979Nightwing - Casting
1979The Last Word - Casting
1978Superman - Casting
1978The Users - Casting
1978Tehlikeli Oyun - Casting
1978Go Tell the Spartans - Casting
1978Konvoy - Casting
1978Matilda - Casting
1978Gray Lady Down - Casting
1978The Fury - Casting
1978Coming Home - Casting
1978The Betsy - Casting
1977Having Babies II - Casting
1977You Light Up My Life - Casting
1977New York, New York - Casting
1977The Other Side of Midnight - Casting
1977Good Against Evil - Casting
1977Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn - Casting
1977Audrey Rose - Casting
1977Fun with Dick and Jane - Casting
1977Black Sunday - Casting
1976Nickelodeon - Casting
1976Victory at Entebbe - Casting
1976Bound for Glory - Casting
1976Silver Streak - Casting
1976Having Babies - Casting
1976The Big Bus - Casting
1976Harry and Walter Go to New York - Casting
1976Second Wind - Casting
1976James Dean - Casting
1975Beyond the Bermuda Triangle - Casting
1975The Master Gunfighter - Casting
1975Mandingo - Casting
1975Hustling - Casting
1974All the Kind Strangers - Casting
1974The Great Niagara - Casting
1974The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz - Casting
1974Conrack - Casting
1974Rhinoceros - Casting
1973Cinderella Liberty - Casting
1973200 Yıl Sonra - Casting
1973The Last Detail - Casting
1973A Summer Without Boys - Casting
1973Martı Jonathan Livingston - Casting
1973The Third Girl from the Left - Casting
1973Isn't It Shocking? - Casting
1973Akrep - Casting
1973Class of '63 - Casting
1973Class of '63 - Producer
1973Lolly-Madonna XXX - Casting
1972Mekanik - Casting
1972Footsteps - Producer
1972Junior Bonner - Casting
1972Muhteşem Yedili: Son Macera - Casting
1972Kurtuluş - Casting
1972The Cowboys - Casting
1972Pocket Money - Casting
1971Harold ve Maude - Casting
1971If Tomorrow Comes - Casting
1971The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler - Casting
1971Honky - Casting
1971Damdaki Kemancı - Casting
1971The Organization - Casting
1971Sweet, Sweet Rachel - Casting
1971Le Mans - Casting
1971The Grissom Gang - Casting
1971Valdez Is Coming - Casting
1971Kanun Adamı - Casting
1971The Sporting Club - Casting
1970Monte Walsh - Casting
1970Cannon for Cordoba - Casting
1970They Call Me Mister Tibbs! - Casting
1970The Hawaiians - Casting
1970The Landlord - Casting
1970Too Late the Hero - Casting
1970Halls of Anger - Casting
1969The Reivers - Casting
1969Gaily, Gaily - Casting
1969Atları da Vururlar - Casting
1969Viva Max! - Casting
1969What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice? - Casting
1969Castle Keep - Casting
1969Muhteşem Yedilinin Silahları - Casting
1969The Bridge at Remagen - Casting
1969The April Fools - Casting
1969If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium - Casting
1968The Stalking Moon - Casting
1968The Killing of Sister George - Casting
1968How Sweet It Is! - Casting
1968Kibar Soyguncu - Casting
1968Yours, Mine and Ours - Casting
1968The Scalphunters - Casting
1967Aşk Mevsimi - Casting Consultant
1967Fitzwilly - Casting
1967Clambake - Casting
1967Hour of the Gun - Casting
1967Gecenin Sıcağında - Casting
1966Muhteşem Yedili - Casting
1966Şans Kurabiyesi - Casting
1966The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! - Casting
1966Man in the Square Suit - Casting
1966Devlerin Gölgesi - Casting
1965A Rage to Live - Casting
1965The Hallelujah Trail - Casting
1965The Satan Bug - Casting
1965The Greatest Story Ever Told - Casting
1964Kiss Me, Stupid - Casting
1964Kafesteki Kadın - Casting
1963Toys in the Attic - Casting
1963Sokak Kızı İrma - Casting
1963A Child Is Waiting - Casting
1962Two for the Seesaw - Casting
1962Pressure Point - Casting
1960Rüzgârın Mirası - Casting
1959Mücadele Tepesi - Casting
1959Tokyo After Dark - Casting
1958I Want to Live! - Casting
1958When Hell Broke Loose - Casting
1957Black Patch - Casting
1957Trooper Hook - Casting
1957Hot Rod Rumble - Casting
1956Johnny Concho - Casting
1956Screaming Eagles - Casting
1956Please Murder Me - Casting
1956Time Table - Casting Consultant

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