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1976Ape as Dino
1964How to Succeed with Girls as Pete Boswell
1963Five Minutes to Love as Harry
1961The Grass Eater

Other Roles

1995The Wacky Adventures of Dr. Boris and Nurse Shirley - Director
1995The Killers Within - Director
1995The Killers Within - Editor
1995The Killers Within - Producer
1995The Killers Within - Writer
1994Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up - Director
1994Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up - Editor
1994Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up - Producer
1994Frame-Up II: The Cover-Up - Writer
1994Killing Obsession - Director
1994Killing Obsession - Screenplay
1994Molly and Gina - Director
1994Molly and Gina - Writer
1993The Baby Doll Murders - Director
1992Exiled in America - Director
1992Exiled in America - Editor
1992Exiled in America - Producer
1992Exiled in America - Screenplay
1991Frame Up - Director
1991Frame Up - Producer
1990Murder by Numbers - Director
1990Murder by Numbers - Writer
1988Twenty Dollar Star - Director
1986The Abduction of Allison Tate - Director
1986The Abduction of Allison Tate - Writer
1986The 11th Commandment - Director
1986The 11th Commandment - Editor
1986The 11th Commandment - Producer
1986The 11th Commandment - Screenplay
1983I'm Going to Be Famous - Director
1983Vultures - Director
1983Vultures - Editor
1983Vultures - Producer
1983Vultures - Screenplay
1983I'm Going to Be Famous - Writer
1978Sketches of a Strangler - Director
1978Sketches of a Strangler - Editor
1978Sketches of a Strangler - Producer
1978Sketches of a Strangler - Screenplay
1977Red Light in the White House - Director
1977Red Light in the White House - Writer
1976My Friends Need Killing - Director
1976Ape - Director
1976Ape - Editor
1976Ape - Producer
1976Ape - Writer
1972Poor Albert and Little Annie - Director

The Wall

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