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Place of Birth Illinois - USA
Birthday 1901-10-06
Death 1986-06-17
Also Known As Ted Kent


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Other Roles

1967Rough Night in Jericho - Editor
1966The Appaloosa - Editor
1966Blindfold - Editor
1965Kaatil kim - Editor
1964Father Goose - Editor
1964Island of the Blue Dolphins - Editor
1964The Brass Bottle - Editor
1963The Ugly American - Editor
1962Sıcak Eller - Editor
1959Donanmanın Melekleri - Editor
1959This Earth Is Mine - Editor
1959The Rabbit Trap - Editor
1958Monster on the Campus - Editor
1958A Time to Love and a Time to Die - Editor
1957Man of a Thousand Faces - Editor
1957The Midnight Story - Editor
1957Tammy and the Bachelor - Editor
1956Away All Boats - Editor
1956Behind the High Wall - Editor
1955Foxfire - Editor
1954Destry - Editor
1954The Black Shield of Falworth - Editor
1954Kara Gölün Canavarı - Editor
1953The Glass Web - Editor
1953The Golden Blade - Editor
1953Gunsmoke - Editor
1952Horizons West - Editor
1952Apachi Geçidindeki Savaş - Editor
1951The Raging Tide - Editor
1951Thunder on the Hill - Editor
1951Smuggler's Island - Editor
1950Frenchie - Editor
1950South Sea Sinner - Editor
1950Sierra - Editor
1949Johnny Stool Pigeon - Editor
1949City Across the River - Editor
1949Criss Cross - Editor
1948For the Love of Mary - Editor
1948Letter from an Unknown Woman - Editor
1947The Exile - Editor
1947Time Out Of Mind - Editor
1946Magnificent Doll - Editor
1946Because of Him - Editor
1945Lady on a Train - Editor
1945Honeymoon Ahead - Editor
1945Patrick the Great - Editor
1944Can't Help Singing - Editor
1944Christmas Holiday - Editor
1943His Butler's Sister - Editor
1943Hers to Hold - Editor
1943The Amazing Mrs. Holliday - Editor
1942Madame Spy - Editor
1942The Ghost of Frankenstein - Editor
1941Hellzapoppin' - Editor
1941Kurt Adam - Editor
1941Appointment for Love - Editor
1941The Black Cat - Editor
1940Seven Sinners - Editor
1940La Conga Nights - Editor
1940Double Alibi - Editor
1940Green Hell - Editor
1939The Sun Never Sets - Editor
1939Three Smart Girls Grow Up - Editor
1939Son of Frankenstein - Editor
1938Letter of Introduction - Editor
1938Mad About Music - Editor
1937The Road Back - Editor
1936Three Smart Girls - Editor
1936The Magnificent Brute - Editor
1936My Man Godfrey - Editor
1936Show Boat - Editor
1935Remember Last Night? - Editor
1935Frankenstein’in Gelini - Editor
1935Night Life of the Gods - Editor
1934One More River - Editor
1934Glamour - Editor
1933By Candlelight - Editor
1933Görünmez Adam - Editor
1933Her First Mate - Editor
1933The Kiss Before the Mirror - Editor
1932Okay, America! - Editor
1932Tom Brown of Culver - Editor
1932Night World - Editor
1931A House Divided - Editor
1931Up for Murder - Editor
1931Seed - Editor
1931The Bad Sister - Editor
1929College Love - Editor
1928The Foreign Legion - Editor

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