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Profile of Jason Flemyng - Sosyallift

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Place of Birth Putney, London, England
Birthday 1966-09-25
Also Known As Dzheyson Fleming
Jason Flemying
Jason Iain Flemyng
Джейсон Флеминг


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Jason Iain Flemyng (born 25 September 1966) is an English actor. He is known for his film work, which has included roles in British films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000), both for Guy Ritchie, as well as Hollywood productions such as Rob Roy (1995) along with the Alan Moore comic book adaptations From Hell (2001) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003). He has also appeared in prominent roles in both theatre and television in the UK. Flemyng can speak reasonable French, and has made three films in that language. He won the Best Actor Award at the Geneva Film Festival for his role in 1996's Alive and Kicking.


2022A Violent Man as Frank
2022Kod 355 as Elijah Clarke
2021Boiling Point as Alastair Skye
2021Creation Stories as King Tuts Promoter
2020Military Wives as Crooks
2019A Christmas Carol as Ghost of Christmas Future
2019Trick or Treat as The Taxi Driver
2019Homeless Ashes as Gavin
2019Çin'e Yolculuk; Demir Maskenin Gizemi as Jonathan Green "Dzhonatan Grin"
2018Walk Like a Panther as Ginger Frost
2017Access All Areas as Pete Kurtz
2017The Black Prince as Dr. Login
2017İsyan as Stander
2016Minutes Past Midnight as Nicholas Grimshaw (segment 'The Mill At Calder's End')
2016The Guv'nor as himself
2016Sweet Maddie Stone as Mr Straker
2016Ghosted as Daniel
2014Stonehearst Tımarhanesi as Swanwick
2014Aşkın Dili as Charlie
2014Girl Power as Don
2014Gizemli Yolculuk: Yasak Krallık as Jonathan Green "Dzhonatan Grin"
2014The Mill at Calder's End as Nicholas Grimshaw
2013Sunshine on Leith as Harry Harper
2013Büyük Tuzak as Harvey Crown
2013Bu Aşk Fazla Sürmez as Hugh
2012Büyük Umutlar as Joe Gargery
2012Ajan Hamilton as Rob Hart
2011Lost Christmas as Frank
2011Wild Bill as John
2011Welcome to Hoxford : The fan film as Raymond Delgado
2011Queen of Hearts as Dealer
2011X-Men: Birinci Sınıf as Azazel
2011X-Men: First Class 35mm Special as Self - Azazel
2011Hanna as Sebastian
2011Jack Falls as Damien
2011Özgürlük Yemini as Becket
2010Made in Romania as Himself
2010Sosyal Ağ as Regatta Spectator (uncredited)
2010Dead Cert as Chelsea Steve
2010Titanların Savaşı as Calibos / Acrisius
2010Göster Gününü as Lobby Goon
2009City of Life as Guy Berger
2009Solomon Kane as Malachi
2009The Curious Birth of Benjamin Button as Self
2009Shifty as Glen
2008Benjamin Button'ın Tuhaf Hikayesi as Thomas Button
2008Aynalar as Larry Byrne
2007The Riddle as Don Roberts CEO
2007Yıldız Tozu as Primus
2007Bobby Z as Brian Cervier
2007A Woman in Winter as David
2006Backwaters as Jason Weiss
2006Pu-239 as Vlad
2006Rollin' with the Nines as Capt. Fleming
2006Telling Lies as Jack Munro
2005The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag as Jim Corbett
2005Taşıyıcı 2 as Dimitri
2005The Quatermass Experiment as Professor Bernard Quatermass
2005Faith as Martin
2004Chucky'nin Tohumu as Santa
2004Drum as Jim Bailey
2004Bir Dilim Suç as Larry - Crazy
2004When I'm Sixty-Four as Little Ray
2004Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille as James Bataille
2004Lighthouse Hill as Charlie Davidson
2003Muhteşem Kahramanlar as Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
2002Anazapta as Nicholas
2002Diptekiler as Stumbo
2001Sıradışı Sanıklar as Bob Likely
2001Flipped as Jack
2001The Bunker as Cpl. Baumann
2001Rock Yıldızı as Bobby Beers
2001Making 'Snatch' as Himself
2001Gizemli Keşif as Father Walter Winstead
2001Cehennemden Gelen as Netley, the Coachman
2000Kapışma as Darren
2000Bruiser as Henry Creedlow
1999The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Trenches of Hell as Emile
1999Alice in Wonderland as Sir Jack, the Knave of Hearts / Cad
1999Tube Tales as Luke (Mr Cool)
1998Kırmızı Keman as Frederick Pope (Oxford)
1998Ateşten Kalbe Akıldan Dumana as Tom
1998Tess of the D'Urbervilles as Alec D'Urberville
1998Derinlikte dehset as Mulligan
1997Spice World as Brad
1997The James Gang as Frank James
1997The Life of Stuff as Willie Dobie
1996Indian Summer as Tonio
1996Hollow Reed as Frank Donally
1996Çalınmış Güzellik as Gregory
1995Rob Roy as Gregor
1994Orman Kitabı as Wilkins
1992Bye Bye Baby as Channing
1991A Question of Attribution as Colin
Bricks as Clive
Enemy of Man as Macduff
Pegasus Bridge as Brigadier Nigel Poett
На пороге бессмертия: Путешествие в Индию

Other Roles

2017Eat Locals - Director
2017Eat Locals - Producer

The Wall

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