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Profile of Brandon Slagle - Sosyallift

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Place of Birth Austin, Texas, USA
Birthday 1977-04-26
Also Known As ZminusX


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2016When Black Birds Fly as Caine
2014Dead Sea as Kier Than
2014House of Manson as Uncle Maddox
2013American Girls as Connor Hamblin
2013Hostage as Damon
2012The Black Dahlia Haunting as Malcolm
2012G.I. Joe: Initiate as Tomax / Xamot
2012Where the Dead Go to Die as The Man / Daddy (voice) / Ralph / Tommy's Dad / Legless War Vet (voice) / Labby (voice)
2011Biohazard: Patient Zero as Dr. Jonathan Wright
2011Area 51 Confidential as Col. Kyle Henricksen
2011VIViD as The Man of Sin
2010Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus as Sonar Tech #2
2010Song of the Shattered as Eric
2010Avantgarde as Patrice
2010Jack + Jill as Jack
201015 Till Midnight as Lukas Reyes
2010Liquid Memories as The Man (voice)
2010The Super as Franny the Tranny
2009Sahtekarlar as Garsik's Shareholder
2008Reality Bleed-Through as Ethan
2007Methodic as Colin McDermott
2007Black Ribbon as John Thompson
2007Kinky Killers as Dean Zimmer
2006The Protector as Henchman
2006Plasterhead as Henry
2006Bitter Sweet as John
Room and Board

Other Roles

2020Attack of the Unknown - Director
2020Attack of the Unknown - Writer
2020The Dawn - Director
2019Crossbreed - Director
2019Crossbreed - Writer
2018Escape from Ensenada - Director
2014Dead Sea - Director
2014Dead Sea - Producer
2014Dead Sea - Writer
2014House of Manson - Director
2014House of Manson - Writer
2012The Black Dahlia Haunting - Director
2012The Black Dahlia Haunting - Writer
2011Area 51 Confidential - Director
2011Area 51 Confidential - Screenplay
2011VIViD - Director
2011VIViD - Director of Photography
2011VIViD - Executive Producer
2011VIViD - Screenplay
2011VIViD - Story
2010Song of the Shattered - Screenplay
201015 Till Midnight - Screenstory
2009Methodic 1.5 - Writer
2007Methodic - Producer
2007Methodic - Screenplay
2006Disquiet - Associate Producer
2006Disquiet - Music

The Wall

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