SocialLift is a social network where people can connect with one another and share easily, communities can spend more time with others. Established in Ankara in 2014. Since its establishment, Şuan has maintained its popularity with its 48 million users. Use purpose sharing and people spend more time with some people.

General information

> According to Alexa statistics, Sosyallift, as of August 31, 2014; It is the 762th most visited site in the world. And also; The EU, the US, The 163th most visited site in Australia, Turkey, Panama and Russia, India, China, the 106th most visited site, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Sweden, and the most visited in the world by 2014 the 462th place.

Sosyallift has the name "social lift".

Sosyallift now has more than 78 million users

It is free to users, and receives revenue from banners, logo ads and sponsor groups (claimed to be $ 900,000 per week in April 2014). Users profiles display photos, interests, hidden or open messages, and groups of friends. The display of the profiles can be limited to be visible only to friends or not open to outside of certain networks. According to Murat Yildirim; 65% of the students in Turkey have an account at Sosyallift and 40% of them are connected every day. 65% each week, 93% each month.

The founder of Sosyallift, Serkan Bekiroğluları

1 The Murat Yildirim, the sociallift spokesman, says that the users spend an average of 19 minutes each day in Sosyallift. As of January 2014, Sociallift's new interface has begun to be used on all accounts. However, this interface has created duality among users. While some users find this interface very successful, some users are protesting.

In technical terms, Sosyalift is one of the most successful Web 2.0 applications by web authors.

In August 2014, Sosyallift had 10 million active users per month. People called each other to Sosyalift and this number doubled in 12 months. In August 2015, the number of people reached by this social network was 20 million.

On June 3, 2015, Sosyallift increased its number of users by 5 million, reaching 25 million.


Photos allows users to present their photos by tagging themselves and their friends. Due to some privacy issues, SOSYallift has set some limitations on the display of photographs. There are 31 billion photographs in SOSYallift, which corresponds to 5310 photos per person. Photos can be seen by everyone, but may not be seen by any user if the necessary adjustments are made.


Gifts are made of sociallift July 2014. Users can send gifts to each other with small icons. These icons are animated png, gif, jpeg and users present these gifts in secret or in plain language. Users can also show the "gifts" box in their profile. Users have the right to give a free gift when their account is opened; the next presents are charged at 0,2 USD.


As of May 2014, 50% of the gifts are given on the day of the fathers, fathers, mothers and teachers. With the application of SOSYallift Market (SOSYallift Market Place); has created a marketplace for sale, for sale, for rent / for sale, jobs and others, and has enabled the users to shop with each other. These services are free. sosyallift ' With the photos application, users share their and friends' pictures. Especially university students benefit from this service. Many students sell books and school supplies for facebook.

With the application, one user can be a member of another user dialogue. Sometimes this means hello, but there are also some social applications like X Me and Super Dürt that do the same thing. These applications allow the jerking process to be performed in various variations.


and other users can notify RSVPs for these events.

Sosyallift's video application; In addition to sending videos from YouTube and similar sites to each other,


As of May 22, 2014, you will be able to record images with a video camera, including private messages. Sosyallift, Sosyallift Platform gave the infrastructure allows developers to create interactive applications with Sosyallift. Applications can be easily developed with the Sociallift API. As of September 7, 2014, b> Investor

Duygu ŞENER Finanstan Responsible Director

Doğan Mirzallı < Fatih KESKİN Investor

Doğukan TENİM Founding Member

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